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When the Mendota Museum Historical Society was formed in 1993 many volunteers became involved to help preserve the history of the area. The railroad museum's restoration began in 95 and was completed in 1997.  Volunteers worked hard at transforming the land and building into an attractive site. Dedicated people who were near and far helped with their special abilities and created a one of a kind classy railroad museum that is visited by thousands each year. 
   Some of these volunteers i will show below and as i get more photos i will post them.

Go to Before and After photos on more about our dedicated volunteers.

Pat and Judy Reed
Pat worked for the BN Railroad in Mendota too!

Leo Muhlach and Bill Widmer painting

Allan Russell and Leo Muhlach
The Milwaukee Road Combine Car in Sept 2002

Bill Hein winding it down Saturday night 2007

Henry Auchstetter 2007

Leo McCauley at the throttle of 4978
2007 RRxing days

Ray Tutaj Jr. Built the HO Layout in Vegas
"Give credit to where credit is due" The Bible

Bill Schlosser wears many hats.
A great resource he is!! Thanks Bill

It takes a village of volunteers to make this work!

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